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Technical Gear Info

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Rules and Formulas:

Wire Measurements – External Spur Gears:

Wire Measurements – External Helical Gears:

Span Measurements:

Timing Belt Chains & Sprokets:

Synchroflex Timing Belts:

DIN7221 Chain & Sprockets:

Straight Sided Serrations:

DIN 5480 Inv. Splines:

DIN 5481 55° Inc.:

DIN 5481 60° Inc.:

DIN 5482 Inv. Splines:

Internal Parallel Spline:

Parallel Splines:

Point Width Charts:

Gear Verniers:

Stub Involute Function:

Wire Measurements – Internal Spur Gears:

Wire Measurements – Internal Helical Gears:

Tooth Dimensions:

Cycloidal Sprocket Chains & Sprokets:

Conveyor Chain Chains & Sprockets:

Involute Splines:

JIS Inv. Splines:

External Parallel Spline:

Quick reference Depth Charts:

Helical Gear Conversion Chart:

Fine Pitch Spur & Helical Master Gears Arbor Mounted Type: